About us

Our Story

“Our contemporary take is rooted in age-old traditions, thus delivering taste sensations that take you beyond your expectation but with a reminder of the origins.”

“The difference in our way of cooking is that we do everything from scratch. We see each dish transforming itself before our eyes. We make our own spice mix and we also use local, fresh produce whenever possible. Everything is made to order.”

India’s Rich Culinary Heritage

In the 5000-year-old tradition of Indian cooking, the cultural and geographic boundaries of India have changed significantly. The cuisine also evolved over time, influenced by many invaders, travelers and rulers. India’s diverse regional cuisines have become richer with the assimilation of these various cultures.

India has embraced vegetarianism from the Vedic times, when India was primarily an agricultural society. The climate permitted year round availability of fresh fruits, vegetables and grains. In the past six hundred years, Mughal (Muslim) influences brought a new style of cooking from the Middle East to Central Asia. India’s large coastal regions have a diverse legacy in their seafood from not only local influences, but also from the Portuguese and French colonies. Industrialization’s influence on Indian cuisine began during the period of British colonization. This is the period where the Indian cuisine began to travel the world.

Our Mission

“Indian Lounge” Cuisine brings you a variety of dishes from different regions of India. You can enjoy the warmth of Indian hospitality through its cuisine and a variety of beverages. It is not just a place to eat and drink, but to have fun and relax.